Soul Connect is Soulpreneurs sister app.

Purpose: For soulpreneur teachers, coaches and leaders to exclusively connect via video, text-chat, file share, and audio with their clients and clients-to-be.

  1. To download the Soul Connect

app click 3 dots in upper right.

  1. Choose "Open in Browser".

  2. Then click on one of the links below. This will take you straight to the area to download the app.

Soul Connect

Your coaching portal!

  • 1-on-1 Coaching

  • Group Coaching

  • Video Meetings and Calls

  • Host Webinars

  • Replace Zoom and Google Chat

  • Recordings automatically sent to your clients.

  • Unlimited file storage for your business

  • Unlimited file sharing for you and your clients.

  • Audio recordings

1 on 1 coaching

Invite your clients into Soul Connect and have an encrypted/ safe portal for you. and your clients to text and voice message, share files, set goals, share milestones and do video calls. Recorded calls save to the chat automatically.

Private Groups

With Soul Connect you can create unlimited private groups. These groups are encrypted and only you and the people you invite can see them.

Within these groups you can share documents, voice messages, set group goals, milestones and do group video calls right within the group.

Unlimited File Storage

You can now house unlimited files, images, videos within Soul Connect.

Video Meetings

Replace Zoom, Google Chat with a more streamlined way of connecting with your potential and current clients. You can record your sessions, screen share, share video, share audio, create breakout rooms, chat, react, plus more!

Record Video Sessions

You can record your video meetings! The recording will automatically pop into the group chat of where ever the meeting is held after it. is finished processing.

LIVE Webinars

Soul Connect offers a consciously connected way to host LIVE webinars.

When you're ready to host your webinar we can set up connections in the background with the help of Workflows in Soul Software.

There will will automate guests joining your Webinar Group and joining your webinar meeting.

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Voice Messaging

Send and receive unlimited voice messages to your clients.

Record your podcasts, your voice-logs, and share your truth with your people.

File Sharing

With unlimited storage, video, audio, image and pdf file storage, this is. a no-brainer for your client share needs.

Tasks, Goals & Milestones

Within each 1to1 message and private group there's a way to set tasks, goals and milestones with yourself and with your people.

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