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All together in one place without all the complicated techy stuff.

We blow our old-timer competitors out of the water. Have a look!

Design your launch!

Finally, all-in-one software that isn't clunky

and yet still high-powered enough for you to scale.

Our goal is simple:

to make business life simpler for you.


Stop jumping from one site to another to manage all of your business needs.

Have one login that houses a true CRM system, calendar, website, funnels, inbound and outbound emails, texting, messages, pipelines, funnels, workflows, and your calendars.


Have unlimited courses, live broadcasts, and your community all in one place.

We believe in the power of keeping it simple for your audience.


The easiest and most robust automation tools at your service.

Plan and time out your emails, SMS text messages, appointments, Facebook messages plus so much more, all in one visual planner that isn't disjointed with pipelines, triggers and campaigns like other leading platforms.


Oh, and did we mention we have TEXTING service built-in?

That's right, have your own business phone number to make outbound calls, inbound forwarded to your phone. We not only have SMS texting built right in, but we also can connect it directly to your website, and have the best pricing in the industry!


Swipe copy and templates for fast launch!

We have built-in swipe copy into pre-made workflow templates for webinar, course, and challenge funnels. Since we are dedicated to making it easier and easier for you, we will be adding free swipe copy and automated templates for you as we grow!

Not everyone needs ALL the things!

So we created 3 different options to keep things easeful.


$47 per mo.

Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Admins, Unlimited Calendars,

Live Video, Communities, Texting

Easy payments & CRM

  • Replace Calendly or Acuity ($8)
  • Replace Wix or Squarespace ($23)
  • Replace Community or Texedly ($15)
  • Replace Hubspot or Zoho ($14)
  • Replace Convertkit or Flodesk ($38)
  • Gain 2-way texting and emails
  • Gain reputation management
  • Gain text to pay
  • Gain missed call text back
  • Gain unlimited secret and private communities
  • Go Live inside your community


$97 per mo.

Add Unlimited Memberships, Forms, Surveys, Products, Funnels, and Courses

  • Replace all from the Ease Plan +
  • Replace Kajabi or Kartra ($99+)
  • Replace ClickFunnels (+99+)
  • Replace Typeform or jotform ($25+)
  • Gain Funnels that are easier to manage and get going
  • Gain reporting that is streamlined and easier to follow not just in charts, but also in each individual contact.
  • Gain 555 text messages included in your plan per mo.


$197 per mo.

Add Automation Magic,

unlimited Templates, Automations

& Workflows,

  • All of the EASE and FLOW PLAN+
  • Replace the highest level of Kajabi, Kartra, Ontraport, or Keap ($399+)
  • Replace Active Campaign ($15+)
  • Replace hard to use pipelines, triggers, and campaigns (priceless)
  • Gain a high-powered workflow automation system that anyone can follow and use.
  • Gain a house for email and texting templates that you can use over and over again for single use or for bulk actions.
  • Gain 2,222 text messages included in your plan per mo.

Why Soul Software?

Hey, Virginia here.

I'm the founder and co-creator of Soul Software. While Soul Software is new, our development team has worked with over 10,ooo agencies over the years to build-out custom marketing and design platforms. We are proud to partner with a strong dev team that has recently received over 70 million dollars from private investors to enhance what we already have and grow our platform to new heights. The foundation of Soul Software's leveraged infrastructure and architecture is Google Cloud Technology. Our suppliers and partners manage millions of users and peak bandwidth exceeding 100,000 requests per second. Because of our partnerships and systems being top in the industry rest assured you are in the perfect hands for your business. For these reasons and many more, we're excited for you to get in on this leading-edge opportunity to find the ease and flow you want and need for your business.

Pick and choose

which tools you need

for your business to run smoothly.

Unlimited calendars that easily hook up to your site.

Text message you and your clients.

Go Live and be seen by a larger wellbeing community.

Host your community in a focused good vibe social space.

Beautiful email campaigns that deliver in alignment with your texts, calendar, & sites.

Gorgeous website templates, that connect seamlessly.

Step by step funnel that will lead your people from option, form, to purchase.

Create a Media Channel that houses your vlogs and blogs.

Create unlimited products, courses, memberships.

Unlimited Video and content Storage.

Connect all of the tools and tell them when to go. Automate your courses, text messages and emails from one place.

One conversation thread that shares the whole journey of your potential or client.

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