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Let us help you organize and build your product(s)

Let us build your course with you.

We will align with your branding and design graphics that resonate with you. We'll have up to 3 strategy sessions, and build your course with certified teaching strategies that uphold your vision.

You'll have the opportunity to actively work on your project with us. We will help you with aligning your pdf, written copy, and/ or video content with organizing it in a way that will make the most sense to your community and/ or students.

We can help you with copy, creating your sheets, and co-creating your content. Or, we can simply organize the work you've already done.

What's included?

  • 3 strategy sessions
  • Full build-out of your product within the Soul Software membership platform
  • Organize based on US-certified teaching strategies for the easeful digestion and embodiment for your students.
  • Free Listing inside the app: Sell your Membership or Course in the Body Soul Store for direct purchase by everyone inside the Body Soul App.
  • 1 week of promotion inside the Body Soul App
  • We will deliver a fully customized course folder that will link your Body Soul Group to your Course.

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