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A Deeper Look

Kajabi versus Soul Software

which is the best for you?


Hey Virginia here,

I'm the Co-Creator and founder of Soul Software. Of course, I'm totally going to be biased when it comes to my own platform, but not biased as in not-truthful, but biased as in YES I LOOOVE my platform, So, no surprises on which platform I'm going to lean towards, LOL.

Well, maybe one surprise, and that is I love Kajabi too! I was in Kajabi from my beginnings as an entrepreneur and coach. Up until I moved to my own platform, I truly enjoyed what Kajabi offered for as long as it did for me. Kajabi is a solid platform that is great for those that have medium experience in technology and is for a person who is absolutely serious about creating a large business with their brand.

That was me. I started building courses in 2016 with Kajabi. My marketing and sales mentor pointed me to a few options, but Kajabi definitely was the best choice for my aspirations and my needs at the time. I have a special place in my heart for Kajabi possibly because I got their 100k pin when I hit six figures... this is something I am definitely doing for all of our 6, 7, and 8 figure earners on Soul Software!! I remember wearing that button with so much pride! Gosh, I love swag, don't you? Anyway, enough enjoying memory lane and let's get right to the comparison of both platforms.


Virginia Scheuer

"Don't go with the flow, flow with the go. Because life doesn't always flow, but it does always go and we get to decide how we flow with it."


Websites, Pages, and Funnels

  • On the basic Kajabi plan, you can have one website and unlimited pages. Or on the pro plan, you can have three websites when you get to their $399 per mo. Plan.

  • Soul Software has unlimited websites that you can create, at its $47 per mo.
  • Soul Software has unlimited funnels, much like Kajabi pages except more organized and straightforward to coordinate and connect. For example, when you sell something, you rarely have one landing page associated with it. Instead, you'll need a separate page to land on for each stage of the process, such as a landing page, an opt-in page, a calendar appointment page, a sales purchase page, then a thank you page. Inside of Kajabi, there's no way to organize this except to do this in Pipelines, which we will talk more about in a moment. Inside of Soul Software, pages are managed as a funnel and replace both their pages and pipeline features, so you can create pages that are all automatically linked together. Soul Software takes a lot of disorganization and headaches out of the process.


Email Marketing

Comparing Kajabi with Soul Software

This topic gets me pumped!! Because, while most platforms give the same tools for creating email campaigns, a few things in the marketing arena blows Kajabi out of the water. These features are two-way messaging, the ease of having direct conversations with your clients, and having a CRM that tracks your clients' emails,

text messages, and social communications with you

all in one place.

Lastly, the beauty of creating emails is something that I really care about. While Kajabi has come a long way, I love that on Soul Software I can easily select a gorgeous template or pop into Emails and drag and drop in seconds to create a stunning email to go out to my clients. This is something that Kajabi is trying to accomplish, but it's still a bit clunkier and has too many clicks to make it happen. Fewer clicks to get to what I need makes me happy. You?

PS Soul Software includes these features at its most basic level as well for $47 per mo. versus Kajabi that starts at $149 per mo. I decided to give these basic features at this price because EVERYONE should have the opportunity to grow into a platform made for stars and not outgrow a platform created for beginners.


Kajabi's Automation, Pipelines, Events, and Emails


Soul Software's Workflows

The whole point of having all-in-one software is for the tools to work together. This is where I believe Kajabi has missed the mark, and Soul Software truly shines. With Kajabi you never see how your emails fit with the automation, and the automation fits with the events.

Each Kajabi feature (email, events, pipelines, and automation) has its own place on the site and you can't see an actual visual alignment of how they trigger and if they are working together until you do a test.

With Soul Software Workflows solves this issue. There is a visual flow application that is so simple and at the same time high powered, that people are frothing to switch just because of this feature!

In Soul Software, you can go straight into workflows and start with a form, a tag, etc. and move them right into automation that includes text messages (Kajabi does not have text messaging), timed emails based on events, trigger a bot for appointment bookings, or send your calendar link. You can write emails directly into the workflow. You can even see the stage that a client is in within the workflow! Perhaps you want to see if a certain client is in a particular part of the automation. There's an easy place where you can see who is at what stage of your flow process. It's quite amazing. If you are looking for an easy yet high-powered automation system, Workflows in Soul Software blows Kajabi out of the water!

You can receive unlimited Workflows included in our Momentum plan - $164.16 per mo. when paid annually.

But, right now, when you purchase Momentum and use the Coupon Code: LEGACY you can get lifetime access for $98.50 per mo./ or $82.08 per mo. when paid annually!

(Coupon code only valid for the Momentum Plan)


CRM (customer relationship management system), Text Messaging and Chat Widget

Kajabi does not have these features built-in. You would need to add these features on with another monthly subscription.

Soul Software can track your customers, label your leads, timestamp & write notes, and document within your customer's file. The system automatically timestamps and puts who on your team is documenting. It tracks your customers' calendar schedule, and with the CRM, you can go directly into each account and see what emails they are receiving from your mass/ bulk emails. You can see their responses, reply to them and then even book an appointment from right there.

Soul Software also gives the ability to tag your customers and set follow-up reminder dates for you to text or email them. It works hand-in-hand with Workflows, and you can even see what web pages of yours they have viewed!

Kajabi has basic customer tools. Kajabi does NOT have two-way emails, note timestamps. The bottom line is that Kajabi has tags and notes. That's it.

Soul Software's texting service is so fantastic! I love that I have my own number in my area code of choice and that 3/4 of my texts are automated through Workflow, but it has just enough personal touch to make my clients feel special and nurtured! The rates are more reasonable than the lowest rates on the market, and the top plan gives you over 2k of complimentary text messages a month!! Unfortunately, Kajabi does not have any texting tools.

The chat widget goes straight to your phone text messages, so you don't have to be on your computer when a chat comes through on your website. Customer service is the wave of the future, and building relationships is the name of the game. So, if your software doesn't aid in the ease of this, you must give pause.

This is another place where Soul Software shines!



Unlimited Products & Memberships

Unlimited Calendars and appointments

Unlimited Websites,

Unlimited Domain connections,

Code Editor and

No Soul Software Branding

I had to jam all of these into one because if not,

you'll be reading all day long :)

One thing out of these that pops out in this list is the Calendar/ Appointment feature. It looks like as of today, Kajabi is starting beta testing of bringing appointments in for coaches, and right now, they are starting it with six months free, but this is a full feature that Soul Software has at the basic $47 per mo., plus it will not be an add-on. I cannot speak to the feature difference, but Soul Software's functionality is on par with Calendly and Acuity and unlimited.

In Kajabi, if you are on their basic tier, you receive one website, and they will connect one domain, one admin user, and to get the code editor, you must pay their top tier pricing of $319 per mo. with a year subscription or $399 per mo. Plus, Kajabi keeps their branding on your site until the mid-tier.

When in Kajabi I needed an appointment calendar, I needed hosting for more than one domain, I needed more than three products.

I wanted a code editor because I wanted my site to be customized. I wanted my site to look professional without Kajabi's branding. And, it was not feasible for my business to subscribe to $399 per mo.

It's crazy, but Soul Software offers all of the following in our

EASE plan of $47 per mo.

Unlimited Appointments and Calendars

Unlimited Websites,

Unlimited Domain connections,

Code Editor and

No Soul Software Branding.

3 products with Kajabi vs. Unlimited Products with Soul Software

This was one of the most frustrating workarounds I tried to find with Kajabi.

At Kajabi's most basic plan, they only give 3 products and at Kajabi's highest, they allow 100.

With Soul Software we give unlimited! You should not be limited by how many offerings you want to sell, you should be able to organize them as you please and have all of the features that come with them. Kajabi and Soul Software's Product platforms look almost identical, and the only difference is that Soul Software doesn't restrict your ability to sell as much as you want, and organize it how you please.




We want to do it better!

This Plug-and-play bonus goes beyond the comparison on Kajabi.

We are taking Soul Software beyond where

any other company has dared to go.

It's been a godsend to have a platform that we can build on that is unmatched with Kajabi to create something epic. With the combination of our in-house dev team that makes us unique to all other platforms and our large development partners,

the sky is the limit!

Now, here's where Soul Software, is set apart from Kajabi, or one that simply white labels an all-in-one platform for an equal or lower price. Beyond all the tools, features, and unlimited offerings, Soul Software exclusively provides the ability for you to have an experience-rich, high-engagement community for your brand and clients.

We are doing something like never before. We are creating a Plug-and-Play environment that encourages the number one way to grow your business, engagement!

Engagement and Community are the keys

to your business's success!

We aren't just providing software; we aren't just creating free gorgeous websites and page templates or Canva templates for our customers. We're building automation that includes email copy, nurture campaigns, text messages that make it more and more simple for these world changers to start their businesses fast, without worrying about conversions or writing up new copy! We are building out the best collection of automation that is ready to go for you when you start your business!

We currently have plug-and-plays ready for appointment reminders, challenges, webinars, launch workflow automation already prepared for you with Email and text copy designed for your personal touch.

SPECIAL OFFER: If you purchase the Momentum plan, we will customize and create your first automation for you within Workflows! You will speak with one of our team members directly and share what you want in your workflow, and we will create it for you! This is our way of saying thank you for trusting us to house and launch your beautiful brand!!

Having ready-to-use copy added and automation ready to go is a gamechanger for you that struggle writing your email or text copy for short or long nurture campaigns. Perhaps you get stuck on how the workflow or automation should flow. We've got it all taken care of for you.


Best onboarding service on the planet!

Right now, we have a dedicated customer service team that is US based, and works from 8am - 4pm PST. Our chat service is quick and easy to use inside Soul Software. You're going to get to know and love our team. It's like having your own help in your pocket.

It's important to us that our team is highly trained in our software, and also treats you like the soul friend that you are!

Also, we want to make sure you get off to the best start with our service, so we will do a one-on-one call to onboard you with your domains, your email and if you have the Momentum plan we will personally take you through migration, and do up to 3 onboarding calls with you for absolutely free!

Your success is our success! We believe in you, and this isn't something that will go away as we get larger. We want every single client of ours to have success with their online business, and onboarding is one of the most important steps that can save a lot of time and money for you.

#3 Bonus

Access our apps or create your own!

In a nutshell, we have two apps that you can take advantage of - #1. is Body Soul; with any level of Soul Software membership, you can house your courses, communities and promote inside Body Soul. #2 we have an app specifically designed for lead tracking and connecting to your clients without the desktop! Or Lastly, if you want your own APP, we can help you create your own Native APP that can be downloaded from Apple or Google Play or a web community as an add-on service!!

Anyone can join Body Soul for free. At the time of writing this, we are on the cusp of 1000 members! So for Soul Software members, you can have your own community, go live and connect all of your products there.

Or, if you'd like to create an APP for your business outside of Body Soul, we can get you a great deal with our development partners, and I will be happy to personally connect you with our team there and help you create and develop your app too!

Kajabi does have an app that members can download. The app is primarily about the ability for clients to view the course on their phones. Inside of Body Soul, your members get the advantage of connecting with other good people from around the globe with a newsfeed, their profile; they can post and be a part of your free and exclusive groups that you create inside Body Soul. Of course, you could do this same thing with your own app if you'd like. The choice is up to you. Would you want to have your content and group(s) in a more extensive APP where you can promote and be seen and heard by a larger audience and can interact with people around the globe, or would you rather have a small intimate app with your clients? We can help you accomplish either!

Well, I feel like there's more to chat ab0ut when it comes to Soul Software and Kajabi, but, hopefully, this has given you enough to take the leap and allow us to show you how good it's really meant to be!

We'd love for you to tap into the 14 day free trial here!

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Virginia