Founder Virginia Scheuer

Founder Virginia Scheuer

Virginia is the C.E.O. and Artistic Director. She works directly with Soul Software clients with weekly video tutorials and Q&A. She oversees the daily works of our customer service team, our virtual assistants, works with the development companies to better our system and implement new functions within the platforms.

Prior to Soulpreneurs Association and Soul Software Virginia grew her coaching business online all through organic social marketing. Her success with teaching thousands of followers do the same led her to her quest to co-create the most easeful and streamlined software for soulpreneurs.

Co Founder Annah Kate Gillette


Annah-Kate Gillette

About Annah-Kate

Annah Kate is our Director of Celebrations. She is a master events leader and host. Her ability to see the possibilities of what our company holds and then align it with our quarterly and annual goals is what sets us up for the great success we have accomplished so far and is leading us into where Soulpreneurs Association is going in the future.

Co Founder Mysti Love


MystiX Love

Akhilanda Ishwari त्वां कामयामि

About Mysti

Mysti is our Ethics and Alignment Grand Officer. She is a master space holder and brings great wisdom to the Soulpreneurs Association. She has the ability to listen, be open to the knowledge as it comes forward and then align with great solutions and outcomes for Soul Software and our Association.

Co Founder Justin Scheuer


Justin Scheuer

About Justin

Justin is our director of development. He brings his 15+ years of teaching and his passion for coding to our team in order for us to streamline and align with the best development companies and create our own in-house developments.

Welcome to Soul Software by Soulpreneurs Association – your one-stop shop for streamlining your business and freeing up more time to do what you love!

At Soul Software, we believe that technology should work for you, not against you.

That's why we have curated a suite of tools specifically designed to help you streamline your business and simplify your workflow.

Our flagship product, Soul Software, is a one-stop shop that replaces over 20 other platforms and allows you to streamline your business. With features like website creation, advanced automation, invoicing, and social media planning, Soul Software has everything you need to run your business efficiently.

Our Soul Suite includes Soul Software, Soul Connect, and Soulpreneurs Space, all of which work synergistically together to cater to your business, community, and social needs. 

Business Center

Our Soul Software Business Center is your go-to platform for all things business. With features such as website creation, advanced automation, invoicing, and social planning, it's the ultimate tool for streamlining your workflow and growing your business. And with the ability to replace over 20 other platforms, you can say goodbye to the clutter and complexity of using multiple tools.

Soul Connect

Soul Connect is your coaching portal, designed to help you connect with like-minded individuals and get the support you need to achieve your goals. Whether you're looking for guidance on growing your business or simply need someone to talk to, Soul Connect is here to help.

Allow us to build your app, or use our Soulpreneurs Spaces App.

We are partnered with the leader in the Community App experience HoneyCommb.

We can build your app with you, aid in your launch and even give continual support through API integrations, Zapier and tailoring your client's experience for an enterprise level experience!

If you are a coach, teacher, author or leader and want to be a part of larger collective, our Soulpreneurs Spaces App may be a right fit for you. Soulpreneurs Spaces, is where you can curate your own experience for your community without needing to build a new platform.

Our app has the ability to align with your websites, funnels checkout pages and funnels in Soul Software so that way your client has a seamless space to experience your community, your courses and your Live Videos.

The space provides focus, push notifications, a guarantee that your content is in the best algorithm health that ALL of your content will be seen. It is beautifully laid out, It provides a larger community opportunity for your products, communities and courses can be seen and advertised app wide. Soulpreneurs Spaces is unique in that you get to set-up your community, your way.

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